The Freelance Job

You get a call and someone has a potential job for you to do on a freelance basis. What do you do? This article talks about the basics of the freelance job. (Look for our other article that talks about … Read More

The Business of Freelancing

The freelance component: For many creative people, freelancing becomes part of their world. Whether as a way to make money while looking for a more permanent position or as a preferred choice of how to earn a living, freelancing offers … Read More


A well-written resume will stand-out and demonstrate your ability to communicate, one of the top skills required in nearly all jobs.   Resume Writing: Guidance for College GraduatesIf you are a college graduate and preparing to enter the job market, … Read More

The Portfolio

A portfolio for graphic designers, art directors, photographers, illustrators, industrial designers, interior designers, fine artists and other visual creators (and let’s not forget copywriters) is the one key component of showing a potential employer a job candidate’s capabilities. Resumes are … Read More

The Interview

You’ve sent your resume off with a link to your portfolio. Now you get an email or call asking to set up an interview. What should you expect from an interview and how do you prepare for it? This is … Read More